Git Advanced Training

Course 1958

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Language: English
  • Level: Intermediate

The Git advanced training course provides an understanding of advanced Git concepts and looks at configuration and functionality.

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  • Team training is available online and in-person.

Git Advanced Training Course Information

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Understand Git infrastructure and housekeeping.
  • Configure Git.
  • Identify content.
  • Leverage Advanced Collaboration and Merging.


Completing the Git Basics course is recommended prior to attending this course.

Git Advanced Training Outline


What this course covers

Git infrastructure in detail

  • Objects
  • Folder structure
  • The index file

Lab Exercises

  • Walk through the folder structure
  • Using plumbing commands to create objects.

Repository size

File System Check



Garbage Collection

Garbage collection

Cleaning up data

Recovering lost data.


  • Environment Variables

Local (per repository)



Lab Exercises

  • Git-config
  • The config file
    • Identify Settings
    • Configure settings
    • Configure Attributes
    • Set up an Alias

Finding Content

  • Git Describe
  • Git Grep


  • File Annotation
  • Git Blame
  • Bisect

Lab Exercises

  • Identify the cause of a bug.
  • Debug the code

Configuring remotes


Archives (send & receive)



Lab Exercises

  • Setting up remotes
  • Splitting up a repository
  • Archiving
  • Creating and applying patches

Rebase (skipped if following a fundamentals course)


Cherry Picking

Octopus Merges

Selecting a strategy

Lab Exercises

  • Rebasing
  • Cherry Picking
  • Performing an octopus merge

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Git Advanced Training FAQs

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