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Learning Tree provides customized coaching solutions designed to support Agile transformation, leadership, growth and development, and project execution.

green-checkbox.webp Agile Coaching
Allow your team and organization to become more flexible, transparent and efficient by implementing agile concepts and principles.
green-checkbox.webp Executive Leadership Coaching
Our coaches help business leaders fast-track their development by identifying existing competencies, skills, and strategies for improvement. By taking a performance-driven approach, we specialize in partnering with individual leaders to create organizational change.
green-checkbox.webp Individual and Career Coaching
We work with individuals at all levels and positions to help make an impact on their careers with continuous guidance and support. By focusing on learning paths and course selection, we make career planning a seamless process.
green-checkbox.webp After-Course Instructor Coaching
Extend your learning beyond the course completion date for up to 90 days. Your instructor will be available to help you apply your newly gained knowledge, overcome hurdles, and offer guidance on specific projects or applications.

Coaching and Team Building Skills Development

  • Agile coaching

    Agile coaching, project management and process improvement

  • Group and 1:1 coaching

    Group and 1:1 coaching for employee impact and engagement

  • In-person and online mentoring

    In-person and online mentoring

  • Executive leadership coaching

    Executive leadership coaching for junior, middle & senior managers 

  • Organization and team digital transformation

    Organization and team digital transformation

  • Behavioral and culture change

    Behavioral and culture change in the workplace

Learning Tree’s Coaching Process

Successful coaching engagement requires a buy-in and commitment from all parties. Learning Tree provides you with a training provider with proven customer satisfaction. We not only build your skills and capabilities, but also the processes that drive growth and positive change for years to come.

Learning Tree's coaching capabilities exemplify a strategic partnership approach where we are heavily invested in your success. Our process and capabilities are designed to provide the support you need to achieve your goals and achieve growth as an individual or organization, both today and tomorrow.

Our coaching process begins with understanding your current state. Understanding influencing factors, your intended goal(s) and desired alignment between strategy and approach.

  • Needs Assessment
  • Goal Development
  • Strategic Alignment

Leveraging foundational information from the discovery phase, we utilize a partnership approach to map out key elements to ensure success.

  • Collaboration, Planning & Communications
  • Benchmarking
  • Positioning & Program Development

Repetition and a multi-touchpoint allow for application, measurement, and learning — key tenants to achieving growth. 

Coaching - Assess - Development

Our support process ensures the retention of information and that developed skills remain sharp and align with the target results.

  • Multi-modal learning ensures learners build skills when and how they prefer

Coaching Infographic

Learning Tree's Proven 5-Step Critical Skills Coaching Process

  • Executive Leadership Coaching – Make an executive decision to acquire the skills needed to guide your organization through transformation. 
  • Agile Transformation – Set individual goals or develop team-based plans with our proven 5-Step Process with feedback loops and sprint support. 
  • Unlock Organizational Change – Receive critical levels of situational support and challenges to drive behavioral and cultural change. 
  • Embedded Coaching – Identify the right conversations and get on-point assessments for service improvements, process development and reviews. 
  • Employee Onboarding – Prepare new hires, managers or newly promoted leaders in the shortest possible time with the greatest impact. 
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We are certified by the Gold Standard in Coaching.

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  • Training, education, and mentorship provided to thousands of individuals globally.
  • Real-world experience in a variety of industries and practice areas.

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