PRINCE2® 7 Certification Training Courses

Become a certified expert of the world's most widely-adopted project management method that promotes better communication and accountability

  • Student Benefits
    • Strong earning potential with the average Project Manager salary over 734 000 kr (
    • Strong career demand with over 760,000 Project Management job openings on LinkedIn
    • Learn an in-demand and transferable skillset by learning to deliver projects using the PRINCE2 framework
  • Enterprise Benefits

    Drive consistent project management best practices organisation-wide and experience:

    • Faster, cost-effective, and lower-risk projects
    • Improved customer satisfaction
    • Boosted communication, transparency, and collaboration across the enterprise

Global Reach

Over 1 million PRINCE2 professionals across 150+ countries 

Proven Success 

Over 20,000 organisations already benefiting from its pioneering and trusted approach 

Proven Value

86% of PRINCE2 Practitioners say PRINCE2 certification has been valuable to their career 

Tailorable Approach

Can be applied to any project regardless of scale, type, organisation, geography or culture 

What’s New in PRINCE2® 7?

This PRINCE2® 7 edition seeks to respond to a number of changes that have taken place in our world and in the discipline of project management since then. Updates to this version include:

  • Integration of people: People are central to successful projects and now they are integrated into the PRINCE2 method.
  • Project performance: Sustainability has been added as a seventh aspect of project performance to reflect modern organisational needs.
  • Digital and data: To meet the evolving needs of project management professionals the addition of a digital and data management approach.

PRINCE2 Agile Certification Path

The PRINCE2 Agile certification is intended for those managing projects in an Agile context. This certification pathway includes both Foundation and Practitioner certification levels. You can choose to take each certification course individually -OR- prepare for both certifications in a five-day bootcamp experience.  

Choose to take each certification course individually:

link-arrow_blue.svg PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation
link-arrow_blue.svg PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner

-OR- Take both certifications in a five-day bootcamp experience:

link-arrow_blue.svg PRINCE2® Agile Foundation & Practitioner Certification

PRINCE2 Certification Paths

Authorised training aligned with the PRINCE2 certification scheme

The traditional PRINCE2 certification pathway includes PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification levels. You can choose to take each certification course individually -OR- prepare for both certifications in a five-day bootcamp experience. 


The PRINCE2 Agile certification is intended for those managing projects in an Agile context. This certification pathway includes both Foundation and Practitioner certification levels.   

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    PRINCE2 Certification FAQs

    PRINCE2 comprises a set of principles, a set of control themes, a process lifecycle and guidance on matching the method to the project’s environment. PRINCE2 provides a process model for managing a project. This consists of a set of activities that are required to direct, manage, and deliver a project.

    PRINCE2 provides the following benefits:

    • PRINCE2 can be applied to any type of project
    • It provides a common vocabulary and approach
    • PRINCE2 integrates easily with industry-specific models
    • The product focus clarifies for all parties what the project will deliver to agreed quality standards
    • PRINCE2 applies ‘management by exception’ providing efficient use of senior management time
    • It ensures a focus on the continuing viability of the project
    • There are scores of accredited training and consultancy organizations operating worldwide, which can supply expert support for PRINCE2 projects or for organizations planning to adopt PRINCE2
    • It provides explicit definitions of roles and responsibilities so that everyone understands what is expected of them and what to expect of others 

    As an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) by PeopleCert, Learning Tree and its trainers can help you earn PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certifications. Learning Tree PRINCE2 training gives you the knowledge and skills you need to take and pass the PRINCE2 certification exams, which are administered during class. PeopleCert is responsible for providing the exam papers, marking, and notifying Learning Tree of the results. 

    Earning PRINCE2 certification demonstrates your ability to support business outcomes, manage risk, and improve customer experience through project management best practices. 

    All candidates that earn a PRINCE2 6th edition Practitioner certificate are eligible for one year’s subscription to AXELOS My PRINCE2 included with their certificate. Subscribers can use My PRINCE2 as a way to maintain their Practitioner certificate, providing an alternative to re-sitting the exam every three years. Your PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate is valid for three years. At the end of the three years you will need to either re-sit the Practitioner exam or you can maintain your certificate through membership. To remain current through membership you must meet the following criteria within the three-year period:

    Join AXELOS membership within three months of passing your exam and remain in membership for the three-year period by renewing the subscription each year. 
    Maintain the PRINCE2 digital badge which will be awarded as part of membership for the three-year period. Candidates will need to record 20 CPD points each year, in the prescribed categories, for the badge to be extended on renewal.
    The following Learning Tree courses have been AXELOS approved for My PRINCE2 CPD points and are listed in the membership portal.

    AXELOS Membership CPD Points  Learning Tree Course
    15 Building an Effective Business Case Training
    15 Use Case Training for User and System Requirements
    15 Risk Management Training for Projects, Programs, and Operations
    15 Certificate in Change Management: APMG CM™ Training
    15 Introduction to Project Management Training
    15 Developing User Requirements Training: The Key to Project Success
    15 Agile Fundamentals Training
    15 {course:944}
    15 BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice Training
    15 BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes Training
    15 Program Management Training
    15 Lean IT: Achieving Foundation Certification Training
    15 DevOps Foundations Training (ICP-FDO Certification)
    15 Delivery at Scale Training (ICP-DAS Certification)
    15 Agile Team Facilitation Training (ICP-ATF Certification)
    15 Kanban System Design (KSD)
    15 Creating Effective Stakeholder Engagement Training
    15 Key Financial Metrics for Business Case Analysis
    15 Conflict Management and Resolution Essentials

    Wouldn’t you like to sit your exam knowing that you could have another shot if the outcome is not what you expected? With Learning Tree, now you can! Publicly scheduled PRINCE2 course events feature the Take2 re-sit exam option. In the case of an unsuccessful result, you can retake the exam within six months of your first try.

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