CertNexus Certification Training Courses

Reduce the changes of threats and breaches with a cybersecurity certified workforce

  • Student Benefits
    • Vendor-independent certification allows for the broader transfer of skills
    • This certifying body's rigorous ANSI accreditation is highly prized in the industry
    • Cybersecurity Jobs Report: 3.5 Million Openings In 2025 (Cybercrime Magazine)
    • Cyber security entry-level jobs command an average salary of 734 000+ kr per year (Ziprecruiter.com); 72% of professionals are required by their organisation to earn and maintain certifications
  • Enterprise Benefits
    • Reduce the time and cost of talent recruitment 
    • CertNexus Certifications are listed on DoD 8570
    • Certification is mapped to the NICE Cybersecurity Framework
    • Be a security-first organisation in software development and cyber readiness 
    • Security awareness across the organisation reduces the chances of threats and breaches

CertNexus Certification Training

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CertNexus Certification FAQs

Unlike many other certifications, CertNexus Certifications are developed following ISO/ANSI standards of best practice for certification development. 

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