Microsoft Excel Certification Training Courses

Enhance and validate your proficiency of the world’s most popular spreadsheet software

  • Student Benefits
    • Certifying your skillset can increase your promoteability and pay by 28%, according to 2021 report
    • Move beyond using only 5% of Excel's benefits and produce easy-to-read visual data that can be used by upper management to analyse current projects or situations in your organisation
  • Enterprise Benefits

    Organisations worldwide use Excel for budgeting, analysis, forecasting, spotting trends, reporting, and more, making data usability critical for actionable insights.

    • Certifying skills can increase team efficiency by 72% and adds value far beyond the cost of certification ( 2021 report)
    • The more time your staff spends doing manual analysis, the less time they have to work on other things. Don’t ignore the productivity and efficiency benefits of upskilling in Excel.

Excel Certification Training Courses

Excel Certification Paths

Hands-on training developed and presented by Excel experts

Analyse business problems to make quick and accurate decisions, build sophisticated spreadsheets, perform "what-if" analyses, apply functions and manipulate PivotTables. 

    Simplify complex tasks and mine large amounts of sophisticated data to provide business intelligence with Excel's robust Power Pivot tools. 

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      Excel Certification FAQs

      Yes! You will receive a Learning Tree certification once you have completed the associated courses, and exams!  These certifications are great for your current organisation to show your completion, as well as for your resume and professional social medial profiles!

      Your Learning Tree Excel Certifications will be posted to your My Learning Tree Account for you to share your credentials after you successfully pass the associated exams.

      Excel has widespread access and is used worldwide.  Excel tends to be used in smaller ad-hoc analyses, while tools like Power BI are designed for large-scale business intelligence.  Advancing your Excel skills will advance your productivity and ability to provide valuable data insights - you really can do anything in a spreadsheet! These two tools also intersect with the course: Designing Data Models in Excel for Power BI Reports Training, click for details

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