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Turn your technical expertise, "real-world" experience and great communications skills into a rewarding part-time freelance teaching opportunity. Learning Tree International, a market leading, global IT and Management training provider is expanding its instructor force. Our instructors don’t just teach the best practices, industry trends and cutting edge solutions, they create them! Learning Tree instructors are drawn from active professionals, who are subject matter-experts, working with the very same technologies and real-world experience gained within their commercial working environments to deliver our course materials, either in our classrooms or on customer sites.

If you require any accommodations during the recruitment process because of a disability, please send an email to or call 08-506 668 00 describing the nature of your request.

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Flexible Schedule

As a Learning Tree instructor, you will teach 4-14+ weeks per year, depending on your availability. This gives you the flexibility to commit the rest of your time to pursuing other professional opportunities.

Networking Opportunities

Joining Learning Tree means joining a community of top IT professionals from Fortune 1000 companies. Grow your network by meeting other experts and opening the door to future opportunities.

Full Logistical and Operational Support

Our experts will provide you with the resources you need to ensure success in the classroom. While you concentrate on teaching, we manage course development, coordinate travel and lodging, and supply you with hardware, software, and course notes.

Professional Growth

As an instructor, you will have the opportunity to audit many of our courses, both in and outside of your field of expertise. You will also be able to take advantage of training and mentoring programmes designed to keep your teaching and presentation skills at peak levels.

Immediate Access to the Latest Software/Hardware

Learning Tree often begins instruction on new technologies before the product is publicly available. You will have access to all course-specific technology, documentation, history and updates.

Workforce Optimisation

In addition to classroom teaching, you will also be able to provide one-on-one coaching, participate in acceleration workshops, and work with our Client Solutions team to develop managed learning services for large organisations.

To become a Learning Tree instructor, you should have:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Hands-on technical experience and expertise
  • A relevant higher education degree (desired)
  • Advanced training and teaching experience (desired)
  • Capacity to teach a minimum of six weeks per year (8-14 weeks preferred)

Here’s a look at our instructor selection and training process:

Step 1: Initial Interview

First, we’ll get to know you in an interview to ensure you have strong communication skills that enable you to effectively share your expertise.

Step 2: Author Interview

Next, you will go through a detailed checklist with course authors to make sure you have both the technical expertise and practical work experience necessary to teach the course.

Step 3: Train-the-Trainer Programme

You will go through our intensive Train-the-Trainer programme, where you will learn the latest techniques in Active Learning. To pass the programme, you must deliver three course presentations and receive excellent evaluations.

Step 4: Course Audit

If you pass Step 3, you will audit the course you will teach and present part of the course for evaluation by the senior instructor.

Step 5: Co-Teaching

Your next step will be to co-teach a course with an experienced instructor acting as your mentor. They present half or more of the course for evaluation by the senior instructor.

Step 6: Solo Teaching

Finally, you will be assigned a course to teach on your own. Course attendees complete detailed evaluations of all instructors, and these are used to pinpoint ongoing development activities that constantly improve their scores.

Step 7: The Result

The average Learning Tree instructor receives a grade of 3.70 on a 4.00 scale, so you receive training from the highest-quality instructors available anywhere.

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