ICAgile Certification Training Courses

Gain real-world Agile skills through expert certifications to foster an organisational culture that embraces change

  • Student Benefits
    • Strong earning potential with the average salary of Agile professionals over $90,000 per year (Ziprecruiter.com)
    • Strong career demand with over 200,000 Agile professional job openings on LinkedIn
    • Learn a highly sought after and transferable skillset by leveraging Agile methodologies for organisational-wide agility
  • Enterprise Benefits
    • Inspire innovation by fostering an organisational Agile mindset that embraces change
    • Improve employee satisfaction: 40% of organisations saw a boost in team morale after Agile adoption (Gallup)
    • Adopt an enterprise culture developed by global thought leaders and Agile practitioners

The ICAgile Certification Paths

Choose your path to business agility with official ICAgile learning programmes

Learn how to apply agility in the workplace through a variety of frameworks, tools, and techniques to jumpstart the organisational and individual Agile transformation. 

For current or aspiring Agile coaches, scrum masters, product owners, Agile managers, and project managers. Bring out the best in Agile teams and guide them to high performance through professional coaching, training, mentoring, and facilitation. 

    For agile coaches at the enterprise, portfolio, programme, or team level. Develop an in-depth understanding of how to work across organisational boundaries, and facilitate powerful enterprise change initiatives.

    For business analysts, product owners, and product managers. Develop value-based products through a customer-focused approach. 

      For delivery managers and delivery team leads. Maximise value delivery across projects, programmes, and portfolios. 

      For software developers, application programmers, systems designers, technical architects, development managers, and technical leads. Implement fully tested, well-designed software solutions. 

      For agile testers, test engineers, test managers, developers, technical leads. Ensure the production of effective and valuable software. 

      For developers, testers, operations leads, DevOps engineers, and site reliability engineers. Learn proven techniques to thrive in today's rapidly changing technical environments. 

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        ICAgile Certification FAQs

        The International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) is a globally recognised certifying body with a mission to teach the principles of agility to individuals and organisations.  

        ICAgile believes that Agile is not a process, methodology, or framework; it is a mindset that welcomes uncertainty, embraces challenges, empowers individuals, and views failure as a learning opportunity.  

        Attaining the ICAgile certification validates your knowledge of the Agile mindset and empowers you to be an authority in your organisation’s Agile transformation.  

        To be eligible for the ICAgile certification, you will need to pass a relevant Learning Tree end-of-course exam first. 

        Upon passing the exam, Learning Tree will pass your name to ICAgile, which will register you and send you your certification.  

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