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Improve value delivery to customers with DevOps certified professionals

  • Student Benefits
    • Strong earning potential with the average salary of DevOps professionals of over 979 000 kr per year (
    • Strong career demand with over 130,000 DevOps job openings on LinkedIn
    • Gain a highly sought after and transferable skill set as you learn the purpose, benefits, concepts, and vocabulary of DevOps
  • Enterprise Benefits
    • 63% of DevOps organisations experience improvement in software quality (Upguard)
    • Ensure the right talent and skills to deliver and maintain reliable, available, and cutting-edge software products
    • Align development, operations, and business teams to improve value delivery to customers

Global Reach
More than 80 thousand qualified practitioners across 160+ countries 

Proven Success 
Used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies 

Proven Value 
25 years of adoption & adaptation by organisation 

Ambassadors for Change
160+  DOI ambassadors leading the DevOps global community 

DevOps Institute Certification Paths

Authorised training aligned with the DevOps Institute certifications

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) leaders sponsor, educate, motivate, and monitor their SRE teams. 

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DevOps Institute Certification FAQs

The DevOps Institute creates a safe and interactive environment where DevOps professionals can: 

  • Network 
  • Gain knowledge 
  • Grow their careers 
  • Support enterprise transformation 
  • Celebrate professional achievements  

The DevOps Institute certification pathways can help you advance and validate your DevOps expertise in critical areas like: 

  • SecDevOps 
  • Site Reliability Engineering 
  • Agile Service Management 
  • DevOps Leadership 
  • Continuous Testing  

The certification programme helps you hone your skills and technical understanding of DevOps. 

After completing a DevOps certification training course with Learning Tree, you will receive an exam voucher so you can take the associated exam.

Exams are open-book and administered through the DevOps Institute. 

DevOps Institute certifications expire two years from the date earned and must be renewed before that expiration date. For an individual’s first DevOps Institute certification, 30 CEUs are required to maintain an active certification. For individuals who hold more than one DevOps Institute certification, an additional 6 CEUs will be required for each additional certification.

Learning Tree offers a variety of DOI CEU-eligible training to help you maintain your certification.

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DevSecOps and SecDevOps largely have the same goal: emphasising the security component of any DevOps implementation. SecDevOps goes a step further by putting security at the forefront of your DevOps implementation. According to the Department of Homeland Security, the benefits of building and operating under SecDevOps framework include: 

  • Security is integrated into the development from the start, as opposed to being incorporated after development 
  • Improved ability to scale development while maintaining consistency 
  • Repeatable and reusable processes with security built-in from inception 
  • Repeatable and automated tests reduce risks and ensure compliance 

As part of an exclusive partnership agreement, Learning Tree has developed the world’s first SecDevOps certification course in collaboration with the DevOps Institute, and has been fully accredited as part of their certification programme. Learn more about SecDevOps here › 

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