For the Love of Learning -- Tech Valentines for the IT Professional!


Here at Learning Tree, we're all about cultivating a Love of Learning in our attendees! We also know that, as an IT Professional, the traditional Valentine's Day sentiments just won't cut it for you. Never fear! You can skip the greeting card aisle this Valentine's Day because Learning Tree's got you covered with valentines that perfectly convey your warm and fuzzy tech-minded feelings!

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cultivating the love of learning



Scrumbody loves you



Azure do like you a lot



feeling SaaS-y



plenty of Phish in the sea



after all these years, ITIL like you a lot



I'm feeling a connection



be my Prince2 charming



you're the CSS to my HTML


Cultivating a Love of Learning

Has your organization cultivated a love of learning in your workplace? What fuels your love of learning? We recently asked 200 IT Professionals what fuels their Love of Learning in the workplace. See what your peers have to stay on the matter in our Cultivating a Love of Learning in the Workplace infographic.
Cultivating a Love of Learning infographic

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A love of learning starts with seeds of change.

As technology has evolved so has the way we learn it. Learning Tree is evolving too -- watch for exciting news about the #TREEvolution.

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