2021 CMMC AB Town Hall: A Recap

server room with walkway in the middle

This blog in our CMMC series provides a recap of the August 2021 CMMC AB Town Hall. As we move closer to the availability of the CCP training, it's important to stay on top of new developments as what has been in the works for quite a long time is coming to fruition. Exciting times!

Kyle Gingrich announced that CCP training from Licensed Training Providers (LTPs) may begin as early as late October, but a November launch is expected. They encourage early adoption of the required training even though the expected release of the CCP Official exam isn't expected until February 2022 (an exam blueprint will be published on the CMMC-AB website on October 1, 2021.

An Industry Advisory Council (IAC) has been created that will primarily distill feedback from approximately 300,000 Defense Industrial Base (DIB) organizations. They will also target issues in the scope of the OSCs, especially those underrepresented sectors (i.e. small businesses). These sectors face unique challenges, including the cost of compliance and the perceived "pay-to-play" issues. The IAC will be the conduit for feedback and will issue an annual report, "Living with CMMC" - the state of CMMC".

The CMMC-AB also discussed that they will remain transparent to the entire ecosystem. They outlined the process to acquire Registered Provider (RP) and Registered Provider Organizations (RPO) credentials, as well as the process flowchart for becoming a C3PAO.

That process includes the application and various business checks. Once a candidate, the more formal reviews by SF328, CMMC-AB, and DOD are underway. The assessments and readiness review follow. Then there are the undesired results of a candidate being re-cycled or sidelined based on the likelihood of failing one or more checks or assessments.

Notice was also given that all C3PAOs will have to have a Lead Assessor as well as QA roles and processes throughout.

We are looking forward to the fall and winter months as CMMC gets rolling! It is sure to be an exciting ride for all of us in the ecosystem.

The Town Hall videos are located at