Responding Productively to Stress

Course 4661

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Language: English
  • Level: Foundation

In today's complex and rapidly changing working environment, all professionals face stress — often caused by difficult relationships, challenging situations, or pressure of work. With this one-day stress management training course, you learn to view stress positively, build short-term coping mechanisms, create greater balance in your life, and manage stressful situations more productively.

No formal prerequisites are required to attend this course.

Responding Productively to Stress Delivery Methods

  • Attend online or bring this course to your facility
  • After-course instructor coaching

Responding Productively to Stress Course Benefits

Recognise existing and potential stressors and manage them positivelyDevelop and apply short-term coping mechanismsUtilise stress management techniques to gain greater controlBuild your mental resilience to enhance your performanceAdopt a positive attitude to stress to achieve balance in your life

Stress Management Course Outline

  • Recognising physical and psychological symptoms of stress
  • Identifying and managing existing and potential stressors
  • Developing short-term coping mechanisms
  • Practising anchoring and visualisation techniques
  • Creating your personal stress management plan

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