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Learning Tree Communication Certification

  • Student Benefits
    • Develop a transferable skill that organisations value globally. Gallup reports a more than 25+% increase in team collaboration through effective communication
    • Increase your promoteability. Harvard Business Review subscribers rated the ability to effectively communicate as the most important promotability factor. 
  • Enterprise Benefits

    The cost of poor communication has reached 362 Million kr per year. This critical skillset is proven to improve organisational performance by:

    • Mitigating conflict
    • Improving client relationships and team productivity
    • Increasing employee engagement and retention by 4.5X

Communication Certification Paths

In-house training programmes developed by communication professionals

As a Certified Specialist in Communication Skills, you will have the knowledge and key skills to communicate effectively using simple, concise and direct language to set and achieve your communication goals 

You will know how to give and receive feedback with clarity and respect, navigate and manage the different communication styles, and communicate across cultures and identities 

Specialist Certification - Two Courses Plus
Passing Associated Exams: 

The Communication Skills Expert certification builds upon the curriculum of the Specialist certification with added training on public speaking training 

Expert Certification - Three Courses 
Plus Passing Associated Exams:

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Communication Certification Paths FAQs

Yes, you will receive a Learning Tree certificate once you complete the associated courses and exams. 

Your Learning Tree Communication Certificate will be posted to your My Learning Tree Account for you to share your credentials after you successfully pass the associated exams.

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