Lean IT: Achieving Foundation Certification Training

Course 3630

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Exam Voucher: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Level: Foundation
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Transforming organisational culture to put customer value at the centre of every IT operation — that's what Lean IT is about. Achieve APMG-International's Lean IT Foundation certification with this course and demonstrate your ability to champion Lean IT projects within your organisation to achieve operational excellence.

This 2-day Lean IT course will teach you to adopt Lean IT in your organisation while freeing up assets for process improvements, relieving pressure on resources, reducing wasteful activities, and easing resistance to change.

  • Working knowledge at the level of:
    • Course 918, Agile Fundamentals: Scrum, Kanban, Lean & XP

  • In order to earn this certification, you must:
    • Provide evidence of participation in an accredited Lean IT Foundation training
    • Earn a score of 65% (26 out of 40 correct answers) is required to pass the exam

  • Students will have the option of taking the exam around 3:30pm on the 2nd day of training, or using a voucher for another time.
  • Exam details:
    • 65% passing score (26 of 40 multiple choice)
    • 60 minutes duration
    • Closed book

Lean IT: Achieving Foundation Certification Training Delivery Methods

  • After-course instructor coaching included
  • Exam included

Lean IT: Achieving Foundation Certification Training Course Benefits

  • Förbereda dig för att skriva certifieringsprovet Lean IT Foundation
  • Uppnå operational excellence genom agilitet, bättre servicekvalitet och högre effektivitet
  • Göra alla medarbetare delaktiga i att ständigt förbättra tjänster och leverera värde genom mindre arbete
  • Optimera verksamheten och IT-processerna så att de stödjer de applikationer och processer som är kritiska för verksamheten
  • Implementera en strukturerad problemlösningsprocess för att uppnå större strategiskt och finansiellt värde

Lean IT Course Outline

Introduction to Lean

  • Definition of Lean IT
  • Historical development of Lean and Toyota Production System
  • 5 key Lean principles: customer value, value stream, flow, pull, and perfection
  • Study waste (muda), variability (mura), and overburden (muri)
  • Classification of Lean activities: value-add, necessary non-value-add, and non-value add
  • Utilising the Deming circle for quality improvement
  • Discussing the key players: Shingo Prize

Focusing on the Customer

  • Identifying the Voice of the Customer (VoC)
  • Considering types of customers and customer values
  • Reviewing the concept of Critical to Quality (CTQ)
  • Analysing the VoC
  • Linking the VoC to CTQs
  • Identifying other sources of continuous improvement

Improving Existing Processes

  • Defining process and the basic processes in an organisation
  • Utilising goal, result, input, throughput, output, customer
  • Push and pull concepts
  • Definition of SIPOC mode
  • Value Stream Map
  • Importance of process metrics
  • Value improvement sources including heijunka and 5S

Enhancing Operational Performance

  • Improvement of performance to Deming circle
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Time as an important factor within IT
  • Process Cycle Efficiency and Value Stream Mapping
  • Using skill and knowledge to ensure performance


  • Communication cascade and performance dialogue
  • Organisational requirements for Lean IT structuring
  • Speed of communication throughout the organisation
  • The goal of management to empower employees
  • Kanban and other visual management boards

Behaviour and Attitude

  • Types of Lean behaviour
  • Traditional versus Lean management
  • Lean leadership: Go see, ask why, show respect
  • Making your lean transformation a long term success
  • Understanding the concept of Kaizen
  • Relating Kaizen to system, process and activity
  • Identifying Kaizen Events, Tools and Pitfalls
  • DMAIC: Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control
  • Applying A3 to problem solving

Preparing for the exam

  • Gaining insight into the exam process
  • Applying proven tips for exam success
  • Practising with sample test questions

Foundation Exam (Day 2)

  • Registration with APMG
  • Taking the Foundation Exam

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Course FAQs

You can achieve the certification after taking the course and passing the exam.

APMG is the certifying body that issues the certificate for the Lean Foundation certification.

This course is designed to help you achieve your Lean IT Foundation Certification and adopt Lean IT in your organization. The program will also qualify for 11 PMI PDUs.

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