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The World Economic Forum listed analytical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills in its Top 10 list of those that will be most in demand by employers in 2025.

We often think of great leadership as the ability to envision a path to success, to develop a strategy to get there, and to ensure that it gets implemented effectively. While those abilities are crucial, it is often the less obvious skills that can make all the difference between success and failure. At Learning Tree, we know from experience that great communication is the foundation of great leadership. People-first leaders know how to empathise, motivate, and support their teams in complex environments.

Great leaders need to know how to:

  • Make better decisions faster in the face of increasing complexity
  • Align strategy and execution
  • Take advantage of change and reduce fear
  • Increase the impact of our teams on organisational performance
  • Develop collaborative solutions by influencing and partnering with stakeholders
  • Drive breakthrough innovation by borrowing principles of design thinking

Learning Tree takes leadership development to the next level through action-based learning with instructors who have deep real-world experience.

We offer:

  • Duke Corporate Education Advanced Technology Leadership Programme, which partners with the highly rated Duke Corporate Education to take attendees beyond passive lecture to deep learning and hands-on practice of the six most critical leadership areas based on our extensive research and experience.
  • More than 40 instructor-led management and leadership-related courses, from Communication Skills and Women’s Leadership to 21st Century Leadership Training: Inspiring Excellence and Engagement and IT Management Skills Training.
  • Pre- and post-skills assessments to identify learner strengths and weaknesses, and to track progress.
  • Turn-key cohort-based enterprise training programmes that transform your high-potential employees into great leaders efficiently and at scale.
  • Individual and group-based coaching to take the most ambitious and highest-potential managers from good to great and from traditional to modern.

Our Leadership and Professional Development training solutions are specifically designed for those with a range of leadership experience, including emerging leaders, new leaders, and even experienced leaders. Many businesses find themselves in the position of promoting high-performing individual contributors who prove they have what it takes to lead teams through the successful execution of your organisation’s strategic vision. 

But according to a 2021 McKinsey report, 46 percent of individual-contributor-to-leader transitions fail, leading to 20% less engagement in the teams they lead and 15% lower performance



Individuals may utilise organisational resources such as training budgets or tuition reimbursement for payment.


Skills-based courses on communication, public speaking, influencing, change management, and leadership, as well as two leadership programmes (foundational and advanced):

  • For groups
  • For individuals
  • On-site at place of work
  • In-person at a Learning Tree Education Center
  • Virtual

We offer more than 55 individual instructor-led courses in professional development and business skills; management; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and leadership.

Course Offerings 

Our 5 most popular leadership and professional development courses are: 

For a full list of leadership and professional development courses, visit: Leadership and Professional Development | Learning Tree

Duke CE Advanced Technology Leadership Programme

Our Duke CE Advanced Technology Leadership Programme is a core programme in our Leadership practice, offering an expertly curated curriculum to take leaders beyond passive lectures to deep learning and hands-on practice of the six most critical leadership areas: 

For more information on our Duke Advanced Technology Leadership Programme, visit: The Duke CE Advanced Technology Leadership Programme | Learning Tree

Meet a Few of Our Leadership Instructors

Jonathan Gilbert

Managing Director of Leadership Practices

Jonathan Gilbert

Erica Elam-Simms

Learning Tree Instructor

Erica Elam-Simms

Ajitha Srinivasan

Learning Tree Instructor

Ajitha Srinivasan

Leadership: News and Resources

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Case Study: Investing in Developing Women Leaders

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The Duke Advanced Technology Leadership Program: Creating People-First Leaders

Video: The Duke Advanced Technology Leadership Programme: Creating People-First Leaders

The Duke Advanced Technology Leadership Programme creates people-first leaders who know how to innovate, communicate, and motivate even in the highly complex, hurried, and uncertain environments in which most of us work today.

Blog: The Game Has Changed for Businesses and for Leaders

Blog: The Game Has Changed for Businesses and for Leaders

Great technical leaders now need not only a depth of technical expertise but also the capacity to develop and cultivate key leadership skills across three domains

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