IT Service Management

IT Service Management (ITSM) gives your organisation the processes, procedures, governance, and continual IT service improvement best practises necessary deliver impactful IT services to your customers. ITSM frameworks like ITIL 4 provide a flexible foundation for managing IT risks and optimising customer experiences while driving significant ROI to the business.

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    • Over 150,000 ITIL professional job openings on LinkedIn
    • Average salary of ITIL certified professional is over $88,000
    • ITIL learning paths give you a leg in every stage of your career, from IT service desk to ITSM leadership
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    • Align IT with business needs and organisational goals
    • Increase cost effectiveness while improved customer service delivery
    • 77% of IT professionals say effective IT service management is integral to digital transformation success

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Let's Explore ITIL 4

Let's Explore ITIL® 4

Alison Beadle april 03, 2023

The Latest in IT Service Management

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    Learning Tree Launches New One-Day ITIL 4® Course to Help Professionals Recertify Before June 30 Deadline

    Learning Tree International announced the launch of a one-day course for ITIL® 4 practitioners who must recertify before the June 30, 2023 deadline.

  • Webinar

    FitSM - The New World of Service Management

    Join award-winning ITIL author Hitesh Patel and process implementation expert Sandy Kelly as we explore the concepts, benefits and applications of Federated IT Service Management (FitSM). While FitSM is free for everyone, this webinar will help you understand this unique framework and provide guidance to achieve effective IT service management.

    Earn 1 CEU

  • Webinar

    The Shift of the ITIL® Ecosystem

    It’s been nearly four years since ITIL® 4 was launched. In that time, the ecosystem in which ITIL 4 operates has undergone many changes, from shifting political climates to shifts in the way organizations do business. In this webinar, ITIL Expert Hitesh Patel will discuss how the changes in our global ecosystem have impacted ITIL, what improvements have been made, and how the ITIL 4 Framework has shifted to adapt to the “new normal” of how business gets done today.

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  • Video

    Duke CE Transformational Technical Leadership Certificate Program - Learning Tree - Trailer

    Leading in this fast-paced, constantly changing environment presents unique challenges. For technical leaders, the task is now to not only keep pace as an individual but to guide and bring others along as well.

    Whether your learning track starts with a program certificate in mind or you want to focus on specific skill gaps, our solution is flexible.

  • Webinar

    ITIL 4 Foundation - What's Next?

    Are you wondering what's next after ITIL 4 Foundation? Then this is the webinar for you! Join us for an overview of the ITIL Managing Professional modules and ITIL Strategic Leader modules to help you map out your ITIL 4 learning path.

    Earn 1 CEU.

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    Learning Tree Training eCatalogue

    Discover our full suite of IT, leadership, and management training solutions, including instructor-led, virtual, on-demand, and blended learning offerings.

  • Webinar

    SRE as a Service Management Framework for ITSM

    Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is rising quickly as the most innovative approach to IT Service Management (ITSM) since the early days of ITIL. This session will explore SRE from an ITSM perspective, including how SRE approaches common processes such as Service Level Management, Change Management, Incident Management, Capacity Management, and more.

    Earn 1 CEU.

  • Webinar

    ITIL® 4 Foundation: Learn the Basics in Just 1 Hour

    In this webinar, you'll learn the basics of ITIL 4 Foundation in just 1 hour, including the Seven Guiding Principles, key concept of service management, and more!

    Earn 1 CEU.

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    On-Demand & Blended Learning Bundles eCatalog

    Explore this eCatalog for on-demand training that helps you grow your skills at your own pace or choose blended learning and get the best of both worlds with self-paced and instructor-led training.

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