Driving Agile Business Transformation

Why Agile?

Modern organisations are defined by their ability to quickly recognise evolutions in business and technology trends, then rapidly and effectively deliver value to the customer. Developing a culture of agility – information transparency, rapid iteration, role mobility and continuous learning to improve the business – has become a baseline for recruiting and retaining top IT talent.


Your Agile Transformation Roadmap

To modernise, organisations must create a clear, quantifiable and unified vision to ensure your agile transformation will be sustainable. Example vision statements:

  • Improve role mobility & employee engagement by 35%
  • Implement an action-oriented decision architecture within 8-months
  • Decrease time-to-market by 28% on technology/product releases
  • Increase employee retention rates by 23%


Choose the Right Agile Frameworks
to Enable Your Vision

Contemporary Agile Frameworks – SCRUM, Lean Kanban, or SAFe – are accelerating the capabilities of organisations across the globe to mitigate commoditisation, rapidly onboard acquisitions and more seamlessly respond to increasingly higher expectations for performance and delivery from customers and stakeholders.

Where to Start? Learning Tree offers the most robust Agile training portfolio of any learning services provider to support your unique Agile transformation needs.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: A limited approach might not be effective to successfully adopt Agile – there are benefits to the best practices offered by all Agile frameworks. An expert Learning Tree Agile Coach will contribute their experience and expertise in helping assess an Agile Transformation strategy that best serves your organisational vision.

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5-Principle Facets for Agile Business Transformation

As with most change management initiatives, sustainable Agile Transformation requires a commitment to the 5-principle facets of adopting Agile. Contact us today to secure an expert Learning Tree Agile Coach in support of your transformation efforts:


Implementing a Vision/Strategic Plan

Collaborate with an expert Learning Tree Agile Coach to design, develop and deploy an Agile Transformation Vision/Strategic Plan for embarking on an organizational Agile Transformation. Building on efforts you may have already begun, our Agile Coach will assist in collaborating on required policies for reorganization and resource allocation, as well as employing mentoring services to facilitate Agile strategy implementation throughout your organization.

Modernizing the Organisational Structure

An expert Learning Tree Agile Coach will support Human Resources, and other critical department leaders identified, in providing guidance on the required structure, job roles and key competencies of the new organisation – creating a Lean matrix structure, hands-on governance, empowered Communities of Practice, open environments, active partnerships and accountability metrics.

Developing Diverse Skillsets

Most importantly, work with an expert Learning Tree Agile Coach to institute role mobility and multi-disciplinarian team structures for critical roles within an Agile organisation including, but not limited to:  Programmers, Systems Engineers, Testers, Business Analysts, Product Owners, Marketing Managers and Project/Product Managers. Our Agile Coach will provide guidance on skills, collaboration techniques, and communication strategies to amplify performance over process.

Creating Performance-Based Best Practices

Assess the Current State of specific organisational business/ technology practices with an expert Learning Tree Agile Coach to help define the Future State. The Future State will generate rapid results with a focus on iterative deliverables. Enterprise transparency will be created through modern reporting practices. Continuous learning will become the mantra, and all future decision-making is exclusively action oriented.

IT Modernisation

Major IT Modernisation efforts focus on digital transformation, rapid & continuous delivery, DevOps and a renewed focus on engineering. Partner with Learning Tree to receive coaching and counsel on critical strategies for Optimising Workforce Performance to leverage new technology, modern tools and evolving business practices.


Top Agile Certifications to Take Your Career to the Next Level and Enhance Your Organisation’s Agile Environment

View the interactive certification paths below:


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Planning or Implementing Your Agile Transformation Roadmap Now?

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