Training Benefits & Expert Support that Bring Learning to Life

End-to-End Instructor Support
Expert Guidance — From Before Enrollment to Back On-the-Job

If you have questions, concerns or seek guidance about the course(s) in which you are planning to enroll, we give you the opportunity to connect with one of our instructors. So, you can:

  • Get direct answers to your questions from the instructor of a course that interests you.
  • Receive guidance and advice from one of our expert instructors about Learning Tree courses, certifications, and training paths.

Instructor coaching is available beyond the course as well. For up to 90 days after you've completed your course, your instructor will be available to help you apply your newly-gained knowledge, overcome any start-up hurdles, and offer guidance on specific applications.

“When I returned to work after my course, I encountered a complicated issue and needed help fast. Thankfully, my free After-Course Instructor Coaching benefit allowed me to contact my instructor and we were able to resolve the issue together. His help beyond the course was really valuable.”

— M. Aloni, Data Analyst
Graham Holdings

Guaranteed to Run Public Dates
Enroll with confidence. Plan with peace of mind.

By enrolling in one of Learning Tree's Guaranteed to Run course events, you are assured that your course event — date, time, location — will run. No matter what.

With Guaranteed to Run, you can plan with peace of mind and focus on what's really important: your training. The individual course pages on our website are updated twice weekly with all the latest course events. Just look for the GTR checkmark when you enroll.

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“I've been attending Learning Tree courses for many years and I really like that my courses are Guaranteed to Run — this way, I can be confident that my courses will run in the weeks that work best for me."

— P. Tyson, Director
Center for Health Security

Computing Sandbox
Hands-On Learning Labs During & After the Course

Computing Sandbox

The Learning Tree Computing Sandbox is a preconfigured virtual machine that provides you with after-course remote access to the same software you used in your course, for up to 90 days after course completion. With the Computing Sandbox, you can:

  • Redo your hands-on exercises
  • Develop and test new code
  • Experiment with the system

“The Computing Sandbox was very easy to access after my course. It allowed me to redo my hands-on exercises, and to reinforce what I had learned – on my own time – and at my own pace.”

— J. Schneider, Computer Specialist
U.S. Census Bureau

Virtual Immersive Experience
Bring the Classroom to Your Home or Office with Built-In Engagement Features

When you attend a training course using AnyWare — Learning Tree’s award-winning live, online attendance platform — you enjoy the same live, instructor-led classroom experience from the comfort of your home. The AnyWare experience includes:

  • Live technical support
  • Expert instructors
  • Full interactivity with virtual hands-on learning
  • After-course coaching
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee

The AnyWare platform is designed with built-in engagement features that allow you to interact with your instructor and peers just as if you were in a classroom together.

Whiteboard Functionality enables instructors and write notes and engage with learning materials in unique ways to bring the material to life.

Breakout Rooms allow instructors to assign attendees to smaller groups for deeper-drive discussions, group activities, exercises and presentations. Once group work is complete, instructors bring the class back together to tie concepts together.

AdaptaLearn lets you tailor your course's hands-on exercises, providing you with an individualized learning experience that best fits with your current background and skill level.

Computing Sandbox is a preconfigured virtual machine that provides you with after-course remote access to the same software you used in your course, so you can redo exercises and practice your skills for up to up to 90 days after course completion.

“Our experience with AnyWare has been extremely positive. The students who attend online receive the same high-quality presentation as those who participated in the classroom and, more importantly, gain the same rich lab experience they have come to expect from a Learning Tree course.”

— R. Eldridge, Director, Services Education
EMC Corporation

Daily Recordings of Your Event to Revisit Contents
Life Happens. Your Training Should Accommodate It.

Have to step away for a phone call? Interrupted by family obligations? When you attend a training course using AnyWare — Learning Tree’s award-winning live, online attendance platform — you get access to same-day recordings of the class so you don’t miss a beat.

Recordings are available in each attendee's personal My Learning Tree Account for 90 days. This allows the flexibility to review material or step away as needed and revisit missed information later.

“In my past training with a different training provider, I had a bad experience taking a remote class. But my Learning Tree AnyWare experience was great! The audio, video, and all aspects of the remote session were very good. I learned a lot in this course, and it will help me tremendously on my current project.”

— T. Paugh, IT Specialist
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Improve Your Skills. Enhance Your Credentials.

A certification places you among the elite in your field, and serves as tangible recognition of meeting your personal and organizational goals. Learning Tree helps you get there with the courses and tools you need to prepare for and earn the most popular industry certifications.

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Meeting the Needs of Today’s Professionals with Blended Learning Solutions

In addition to our award-winning live, instructor-led training, we’ve developed blended learning solutions to meet your professional development goals–where, when and how you want. Blended learning leverages the flexibility and convenience of self-paced training and the personal connection and accountability of in-person instruction.

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