Top Tech and Power Skills for 2024

okt 3 • 6:00 CEST
1 Hour

As modern workplaces advance and become more complex, the need to keep yourself and your team up to date on modern skills is crucial. But which skills and roles are most needed to meet today's organisational challenges – and why?

In this webinar, "Top Power and Tech Skills for 2024," host Anju Puri, Learning Tree Instructor and former Senior Vice President at Citibank, will discuss the top skills that all organisations will seek in the coming year, across all areas and industries, including cybersecurity, process and project management, technical skills, and leadership and management.

Anju will share her insights into the larger business and social factors that influence the changing needs of organisations and the skills that best serve these needs.


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Top Tech and Power Skills FAQs

This webinar will appeal to individual contributors as well as decision-makers, including:

  • Senior and Mid Management (Director, Senior Director, Team Lead, Associate Director, Assistant Directors, Head IT)
  • Cybersecurity analysts
  • IT staff-Project managers
  • Consultants / Trainers

This webinar will cover:

  • Marketplace evolution and current needs
  • Skill demands across all industries and fields
  • Employee investment, recruitment, retention, and satisfaction
  • The certification landscape
  • Training planning
  • Career advancement

Anju Puri

Over the past 30 years, Anju Puri has worked as a change agent with many multinational corporations and financial institutions specialising in Treasury management. Leveraging her strong leadership style of empathy, compassion and love for teaching, her vision is to empower professionals in leadership roles. In February 2023, she left her position as Senior Vice President at Citibank to do more of what she really loves. Aligning her life to pursue her life passions, she now serves as a certified Life Purpose Coach, helping leaders lean into spaces of ease and comfort through 1-1 coaching and curating virtual and in-person workshops for high-achieving professionals.