Social Engineering: Hybrid Attacks and Novel Techniques

sep 11 • 6:00 CEST
1 hrs

Are you prepared for the sophisticated new face of social engineering? In this eye-opening webinar, we delve into the tactics threat actors use to exploit technology and manipulate human behaviour. We'll trace the roots of social engineering, highlighting historical events that laid the groundwork for today's complex attacks. Discover how advancements in machine learning, particularly in face and voice cloning, fuel a new era of social engineering.

Gain critical insights to safeguard yourself and your organisation from these ever-evolving threats. Join us and unlock the secrets behind modern social engineering masks.


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Social Engineering Webinars FAQs

  • Cybersecurity Professionals
  • IT Managers and Administrators
  • Business Leaders and Executives
  • Software Developers and Engineers
  • General IT Staff

Attending this webinar will give participants valuable insights and practical knowledge to better protect themselves and their organisations from sophisticated social engineering attacks.

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Scott Issac

Scott began his cybersecurity journey as an Electronic Warfare Systems Operator, where he honed his skills and gained valuable experience. During an operational tour of Afghanistan, he provided critical SIGINT support, further deepening his expertise. Scott’s career progressed as he played a key role in the formation of two operational Cyber Units, demonstrating leadership and innovation. He then served as the Head of Cyber Product Development with QA Ltd, where he spearheaded cutting-edge projects and initiatives. His passion for education led him to deliver training at prestigious conferences such as Blackhat US/EU, B-Sides, NullCON, BruCON, and Nano.

Now, as a freelance cybersecurity consultant, Scott continues to leverage his extensive knowledge and experience to help organisations enhance their security posture.