Financial Services


Financial Services

Learning Tree has significant past performance with the Financial Services portfolio. We provide customised workforce development services to many of the world’s largest banks, serving the largest of IT organisations, in critical competencies and technologies like Cloud Computing, Data Science and Cyber Security, as well as guidance for those investing in the ITIL® framework.

Explore our business cases to see how we partner with some of our largest customers in this market to advance performance of their IT workforce and track measurable results.

Large U.S. Banking Institution Investing in Women Leaders

This client was looking for a unique program to provide a diverse group of women with the skills and abilities to grow into senior leadership roles within the firm. Learning Tree customized an immersion program to empower women leaders to refine their skills in a real-world environment rather than a single course learning experience. While these women have already gained greater representation in middle management positions, this unique program helps them take the next step to more senior positions at strategic levels. What makes this client’s customized approach more successful than others is the use of a ‘facilitator-coach’ model to assist learners in translating how the concepts apply to them. This approach focuses more on practical application of concepts taught in class to their unique, real-world environment. In addition to this practical approach, each attendee develops a post-event action plan with measurable goals and receives additional guidance from their coach upon their return to work.

Learn More about Transformational Leadership for Women Seminars

Large organizations, in both the Public and Private Sector, have approached Learning Tree with the need to target high performing women, identified as potential leaders, to develop better representation within the management corps of senior-level job classifications. This Women’s Transformation Leadership Seminar is an answer to that need, featuring 3 days of leadership training, professional development opportunities, networking events, mentoring, and more.

Global Financial Services Company Consolidates Vendors for Program Oversight to Advance Project Success

This global financial services client, like most organisations, was challenged with achieving more value from their projects with a globally dispersed workforce and too many vendor solution diluting the ability to scale and maintain visibility on progress. They were seeking a solution that could grow with them as they embraced Agile, Project Management, Business Analysis disciplines, as well as options for multi-modal solutions as learner needs change. Learning Tree was selected as the preferred vendor based on past performance in a similar arrangement with another financial services business, and the global capabilities outlined below to provide a higher level of customer service in a managed training supplier model, resulting in significant cost savings:

  • Dedicated program manager to lead internal operations and 3rd party requests
  • The custom curriculum is integrated professional development program for multiple lines of business including the Global Consumer division, Institutional Banking, and the Enterprise Project Management Office
  • A holistic approach – technology, leadership, agile, project management, business analysis and business acumen
  • Support global delivery to employees in over 12 countries

Global Investment Management Company Seeks Advanced Productivity by Mastering Excel Workbooks

This company was looking to take the next step in data management by minimising too many individual (disconnected and basic) Excel spreadsheets and increasing business intelligence capabilities with Excel Workbooks. Learning Tree customised a three-fold solution to address this company’s productivity challenges with Excel Workbooks:

  1. Series Private Skills Assessments: Identify the skill level and development path for each individual within the organisation
  2. 2-Level Customised VBA & Excel Training Modules: Contextualised training to include technologies and data specific to their organisation.
  3. Regular Program Performance Check-ins: Return on investment through skill improvement measurements.

Large European Bank Seeks IT Process Improvement

Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword—it’s a necessity for any organisation seeking ongoing business success. When looking at all that falls under a digital transformation, IT Service Management best practices is one approach to reap considerable rewards. After a careful vetting process, Learning Tree became the selected partner to address this bank’s specific ITIL training need, starting with several hundred IT staff going through customised training on both ITIL foundation and intermediate levels. Given the amount of change coming for the ITIL framework, Learning Tree is well positioned to help this client navigate the transition and keep this workforce investment on track.




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