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This BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practise course takes you through an end-to-end holistic business analysis process. This holistic approach involves considering four aspects of a business system: the processes, the people, the organisational context, and the technology. Starting with the rationale for a holistic approach, the course provides you with a clear understanding of the strategic context, coupled with the project discipline needed for business analysis. You will learn how to understand the business situation and issues associated with it, analyse stakeholder perspectives, model business activities, identify potential solutions to business issues, and finally make the business case for potential solutions. Without this end-to-end process, much of the cost of a project is often attributable to re-work from poor up-front analysis.

In addition, this course prepares you to take the BCS Business Analysis Practise exam at the end of the course.


  • Attend online, in person, or bring this course to your facility
  • After-course instructor coaching

Du kommer lära dig att:

  • Recognise the role and competencies of a business analyst
  • Perform strategy analysis
  • Identify and analyse stakeholders
  • Deploy industry-standard investigation and modelling techniques
  • Identify different solutions to business needs
  • Build a business case to prove the value of those solutions

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  • One-on-one after-course instructor coaching
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Important Business Analysis Practise Course Information

Business Analysis Practise Course Outline

  • The Rationale for Business Analysis

    • Recognising the business change life-cycle
    • Clarifying the role of the business analyst
    • Examining other roles in business change
    • Understanding the framework for business analysis
  • Understanding the Strategic Context

    Internal and external analysis

    • Analysing the Internal analysis
    • Surveying the business landscape with external analysis

    Linking to the internal and external business environment analysis

    • Performing a SWOT analysis
    • Using a SWOT analysis
    • Identifying the strategic context

    Executing strategy

    • Balanced Business Scorecard
    • Recognising Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators

    Critical success factors and key performance indicators

    • Identifying Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
    • Creating Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
    • Setting performance targets
    • Deploying the balanced business scorecard as a frame
  • Business Analysis Project Discipline

    • Identifying the Terms of Reference and/or Project Initiation Documentation
    • Clarifying business and project objectives
  • Understanding the Current Situation

    Stakeholder identification

    • Stakeholder wheel
    • Other potential sources of information

    Investigative techniques

    • Investigating the current business situation
      • Interviews
      • Observation
      • Workshops
      • Document Analysis
      • Focus Groups
      • Questionnaires/Surveys

    The Business Analysis Process Model

    • Stages of the business analysis process model
    • Considering the perspectives
    • Analysing the needs
    • Evaluating the options
    • Defining the requirements

    Investigating the situation

    • Interviewing stakeholders
    • Effective Requirements Workshops

    Representing a holistic view of the business situation

    • Taking a holistic view
    • Using various documentation techniques
      • Rich pictures
      • Mind maps
      • Fishbone diagrams
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Management

    Identifying, categorising and analysing stakeholders

    • Defining stakeholder types
    • Deploying the Power/Interest Grid

    Stakeholder management strategies

    • Levels of power and interest
    • Building a communication strategy

    Understanding stakeholder perspectives

    • Analysing stakeholders with CATWOE
    • Creating business activity model
  • Modelling Business Processes and Requirements

    Creating a process model

    • Pinpointing business events
    • Developing the business process model

    Modelling system functions and data

    • Use case diagrams
    • Entity Relationship Diagrams and Class Models
  • Defining the Solution

    Gap analysis

    • Identifying areas of concern
    • Analysing the gap with POPIT

    Introduction to Business Architecture

    • Definition of Business Architecture
    • Business Architecture techniques
  • Making a Business and Financial Case

    Structuring the business case

    Identifying and shortlisting options for business change

    Identifying and categorising costs and benefits

    • Tangible and intangible costs and benefits
    • Investment appraisal techniques

    Identifying and categorising risks

    • Identifying risks
    • Assessing the impact of the risks
    • Assessing the probability of the risks
    • Risk management approaches

    Identifying impacts

    • Organisational culture
    • Organisational behaviour

    The business case life-cycle


Business Analysis Practise Training FAQs

  • Who is the BCS Institute?

    The BCS Institute is The Chartered Institute for IT.

  • How do I achieve Practitioner Certification in Business Analysis Practise?

    You can earn the Practitioner Certification in Business Analysis Practise if you pass the course exam.

  • How many CDUs/PDUs does this Business Analysis Practise course provide?

    In Business Analysis Practise you will not receive any PDUs.

  • How can I bring this Business Analysis Practise course to my facility to train my team?

    Learning Tree provides Private Team Training that can save time and travel costs by training your entire team at once, at a convenient location of your choice. We handle all the details including instructor travel, tailored content, comprehensive course materials, shipping and equipment setup and teardown.

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