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First Look Clinic: Microsoft Azure






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Welcome to First Look Clinic: Microsoft Azure. Congratulations on taking the first step toward learning about how to successfully manage and administer a Microsoft Azure cloud solution. This course will help you to become familiar with the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure including the web-based portals for deploying resources and managing Azure subscriptions. You'll learn about Azure Resource Manager and how to use templates to manage resources. This course also introduces PowerShell as a key tool to manage and automate Azure resources.

COMPLIMENTARY COURSE: This is a complimentary trial course that leads to other Microsoft official training courses.


  • Module 1: Cloud Overview


  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Module 2: Microsoft Azure


  • Overview of Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Data Centers and Services
  • Module 3: Portals


  • Classic Azure Portal
  • New Azure Portal
  • Azure Subscriptions
  • Module 4: Infrastructure Overview


  • Virtual Machines, Networks, and Storage
  • Module 5: Azure Resource Manager (ARM)


  • Introduction to Resource Manager
  • Module 6: Azure PowerShell


  • Azure PowerShell Modules
  • Azure PowerShell Cmdlets
  • Module 7: Practice exercises

Lab : Practice Exercises

  • Take an Azure Virtual Data Center Tour
  • Sign-in and Explore the Classic Azure Portal
  • Sign-in and Explore the New Azure Portal
  • Azure Subscriptions
  • Deploy a New Virtual Machine
  • Work with Azure Resource Manager and a VM Template
  • Download and install the Azure PowerShell modules
  • Connect to Azure by using PowerShell
  • Work with Azure Resource Manager by using PowerShell
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