Leading Through a Crisis

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Your organisation, or any social group of which you are a member, is likely to encounter a crisis in the future. This course will provide a framework for addressing this crisis as a leader. It will show you how to lead through crisis by marshalling the efforts of followers and stakeholders towards a realistic future state in which the organisation and those affected can once again thrive.

Key Features of this Leading Through a Crisis Training:

  • Learn to apply a practical leadership framework to crisis resolution
  • Learn to effectively communicate while addressing crisis dynamics
  • Apply skills learned via a realistic case study

You Will Learn How To:

  • Define of a crisis in terms of a social structure’s inability to thrive and the difference between a problem and a crisis.
  • Articulate (in a transparent fashion) the current state of a social structure that is not thriving due to a crisis in a way that motivates followers to recognise the need for change.
  • Realistically define a future state in which the social structure once again thrives in a way that inspires followers to embrace change.
  • Apply the basic models for change.
  • The importance of communicating the specific model for change to followers and “owning it” as the leader.
  • How to influence followers on the road to change.

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In Class & Live, Online Training

Note: This course runs for 1 dag

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Important Leading Through a Crisis Training

  • Important Information

    This is a one-day hands-on course with no exams and no certifications but much discussion. A realistic case study will be used to amplify all learning objectives.

Leading Through a Crisis Outline

  • CHAPTER ONE: What is a Crisis

    • Anatomy of a crisis through real world examples
    • Overview of the course Case Study
    • Social groups affected by a crisis
    • Decision rules employed by social groups to handle problems
    • The definition of a crisis as opposed to a problem
    • Double loop learning in a crisis
    • Data sources in a crisis
    • Acknowledgement of a crisis
    • Crisis leadership as a decision
    • Activity: Defining crises occurring in your social groups
    • The dynamics of a crisis and the role of the leader
  • CHAPTER TWO: Understanding the Crisis: The Role of the Leader

    Part 1
    • Defining the current state of a social group under crisis
    • Defining those who are hurt, vulnerable, suffering
    • Defining the stakeholders in a crisis
    • The need for data analytics in defining a crisis
    • Examples in defining the current state
    • Case Study: Defining the current state
    Part 2
    • Determining the leader’s vision for the future state
    • Building a goal statement
    • Historical examples
    • Case Study: Defining the future state
  • CHAPTER THREE:  Crisis Resolution: The Role of the Leader

    Part 1
    • Defining what must change as a crisis is resolved
    • Applying traditional project management in crisis resolution
    • Defining the deliverables
    • Applying agile management in crisis resolution
    • Defining what must be learned
    • Innovation in crisis resolution
    • Examples in determining the appropriate change model
    • Case Study: Determining the change model
    Part 2
    • Determining the emotional dynamics of a crisis
    • Standard leadership models
    • The crisis leadership model
    • Emotional Intelligence during a crisis
    • The leader’s need to influence in a crisis
    • Influencing techniques in a crisis
    • Decision making during a crisis
    • Building the crisis management team
    • Case Study: Building the crisis management team

Team Training

Leading Through a Crisis FAQs

  • Do I need to be a certified PMP to benefit from this Leading through Crisis course?

    No, the course is about leadership not standard processes.

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