Introduction to Python for Data Analytics

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Gain the skills you need to analyse and visualise data with Python. In this Python training course, you learn the fundamentals of Python programming with a focus on data analytics, and work with popular statistical computing libraries — like numPy, Pandas, sciPy, and Scikit-learn — that allow you to begin analysing data to answer key business questions.


  • Unlimited annual access to a library of on-demand courses
  • Unlimited retakes of our 1-day class for a year

Du kommer lära dig att:

  • Use Python for statistical data analysis
  • Generate summary statistics with pandas
  • Clean, transform, and reshape data
  • Glean insights from the data through visualisation

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On Demand & Live Granskningssession

Unlimited annual access to:

  • 6 on-demand video courses
  • 3 eBooks
  • 1-day instructor-led review sessions



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On Demand & Live Granskningssession

Python Programming Blended Training Information

  •  Python Programming Blended Training Description

    The eBooks and on-demand courses provided as with this offering are a great way to explore your interest in the topics covered in the instructor-led course. At any time during your annual access to this offering, you may attend one of our 1-day review sessions focused specifically on Python for Data Analytics — Course 4509, Introduction to Python for Data Analytics.

On-Demand Training Outline

  • On-Demand Video Courses

    • Python for Beginners
    • Mastering Python
    • Architectural Patterns and Best Practices with Python
    • Mastering Python Data Analysis with Pandas
    • Tkinter GUI Application Development Projects
    • Python Projects
  • eBooks

    • Learning Python
    • Modern Python Cookbook
    • MySQL for Python

One Day Instructor-Led Review

You'll be able to register for a Training Review Session at any time after you've placed your order.

  • 2 mar (1 dag)
    9:00 - 4:30 EST
    Online (AnyWare) Online (AnyWare)
  • 30 mar (1 dag)
    9:00 - 4:30 BST
    London / Online (AnyWare) London / Online (AnyWare)
  • 1 jun (1 dag)
    9:00 - 4:30 EDT
    Online (AnyWare) Online (AnyWare)
  • 6 jul (1 dag)
    9:00 - 4:30 BST
    London / Online (AnyWare) London / Online (AnyWare)
  • 12 aug (1 dag)
    9:00 - 4:30 EDT
    Online (AnyWare) Online (AnyWare)
  • 18 nov (1 dag)
    9:00 - 4:30 EST
    Online (AnyWare) Online (AnyWare)


Python Programming Training FAQs

  • What background do I need?

    • Experience with another procedural or object-oriented programming language, such as C, C++, Java, VB .NET, or Perl
    • Familiarity with concepts, such as variables, loops, and branches with some experience using a text editor to edit program code
  • Does this include any practical, hands-on learning?

    Yes! Each book and video begins with a step by step guide for you to set up a coding environment on your personal computer. The course content is full of examples and practical advice, followed up by the chance to embed your learning through real world tasks. All example code is available to download, copy and use - giving you the chance to work and practice as you read and watch.

  • How will I access my course materials if I choose this method?

    Once payment is received, you will receive an email from Learning Tree with all the links and information you need to get started.

  • How can I sign up for a review session?

    Once you are enrolled in the program, specific details and dates will be sent to you.

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