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This (ISC)² Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification training course provides a thorough understanding of the information security risks and mitigation strategies critical to data security in the cloud. This course covers the six domains of the Official (ISC)² CCSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK®), and prepares you to pass the CCSP exam and become a Certified Cloud Security Professional.


  • (ISC)² exam voucher included in course tuition fee

Du kommer lära dig att:

  • Identify and explain the five characteristics required to satisfy the NIST definition of cloud computing
  • Differentiate between various as-a-service delivery models and frameworks that are incorporated into the cloud computing reference architecture
  • Explain strategies for protecting data at rest and data in motion
  • Discuss strategies for safeguarding data, classifying data, ensuring privacy, assuring compliance with regulatory agencies, and working with authorities during legal investigations
  • Contrast between forensic analysis in corporate data center and cloud computing environments

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  • Earn 29 CompTIA CEUs
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  • After-course computing sandbox
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CCSP Certification Course Information

  • Requirements

    • Five years of cumulative, full-time working experience in IT (three of which must be in information security, and one of which must be in one of the six CCSP CBK domains)
    • Those without the required experience can take the exam to become an Associate of (ISC)² while working towards the experience needed for full certification
  • Course Preparation

    • You will be asked to read documents before the course that will help with your learning and exam preparation
  • Certification Information

  • Earn (ISC)2 CPEs

    As one of only 12 (ISC)2 CPE Submitters worldwide, Learning Tree can submit courses on your behalf to (ISC)2 for CPE credit. (ISC)2 members can earn Group A credits for attending any of our cybersecurity courses, and Group B General Education credits for any other Learning Tree course they attend.

    Or (ISC)2 members can submit CPE credits directly to the CPE portal in the Members section of the (ISC)2 website.

CCSP Certification Course Outline

  • Architectural Concepts and Designs Requirements

    • Reviewing cloud computing concepts
    • Describing cloud reference architecture
    • Security concepts relevant to cloud computing
    • Design principles of secure cloud computing
    • Identifying trusted cloud services
  • Cloud Data Security

    • Understanding cloud data lifecycle
    • Designing and implementing cloud data storage architectures
    • Designing and applying data security strategies
    • Understanding and implementing data discovery and classification technologies
    • Designing and implementing relevant jurisdictional data protections for personally identifiable information
  • Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security

    • Comprehending cloud infrastructure components
    • Analyzing risks associated to cloud infrastructure
    • Designing and planning security controls
    • Planning disaster recovery and business continuity management
  • Cloud Application Security

    • Recognizing the need for training and awareness in application security
    • Understanding cloud software assurance and validation
    • Using verified secure software
    • Comprehending the Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) process
    • Applying the Secure Software Development Life-Cycle
  • Operations

    • Supporting the planning process for the data center design
    • Implementing and building physical infrastructure for cloud environment
    • Running physical infrastructure for cloud environment
    • Managing physical infrastructure for cloud environment
    • Building logical infrastructure for cloud environment
  • Legal and Compliance

    • Legal requirements and unique risks within the cloud environment
    • Privacy issues, including jurisdictional variation
    • The audit process, methodologies, and required adaptions for a cloud environment
    • Implications of cloud to enterprise risk management
    • Outsourcing and cloud contract design


CCSP Certification Training FAQs

  • What is CCSP certification?

    The Cloud Certified Security Professional certification addresses all the challenges and issues that cloud computing has today. 

  • What are the 6 domains of the CCSP?

    1. Architectural Concepts & Design Requirements
    2. Cloud Data Security
    3. Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security
    4. Cloud Application Security
    5. Operations
    6. Legal and Compliance
  • How do I take the CCSP exam?

    This course includes a voucher to take the CCSP exam at any Pearson VUE Test Centre location.

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