Agile, Mushrooms, and a Trip to Mount Everest

Presented by Evelyn Tian

Professional Lean and Agile Coach and Trainer

Evelyn Tian is a professional Lean and Agile Coach and Trainer, with specialties in enterprise coaching and growing agile coaches. 

She has been working as an enterprise coach supporting organization transformation for almost a decade. She previously was the Lean and Agile Head Coach of Ericsson and headed the Ericsson Global Transformation Support Center. She has been passionately working with Lean and Agile transformations since 2009 and she has grown close to 30 coaches and trainers through apprenticeship and mentorship programs. She designed her own Agile Leadership course in 2011, which has been delivered to over 1000 leaders. She has also developed her own Agile Coaching course, with more than 30 classes of graduates.

Evelyn’s focus is on organization transformational strategy, continuous improvement and enhancing the art and science of crafting products and service delivery. Evelyn has built a lengthy track record and gathered deep insights in coaching organization transformation, agile leadership, and teams to reach their potential. 

She has over 25 years of product development experience in telecom products, automotive industry, financial sectors and e-commerce products. She is an international conference speaker, and speaks from her real life coaching experiences about Agile transformation, Agile leadership, product ownership and Agile coaching etc.

Additionally, she is one of the few Certified Path to CSP Educators from ScrumAlliance, who helps ScrumMasters, agile coaches and product owners to advance to the next steps, through in-person workshops or online programs. 

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